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Ball Caps of the 20th Century -
While baseball is America's National Pastime, and undoubtedly invented in Cooperstown, NY, and not withstanding the cheek of investing the Major Leagues' best as World Champion, there is a rich history in Japan, starting in 1878 when Hiroshi Hiraoka formed the Shimbashi Athletic Club with workers from the National Railway and in Cuba beginning in the 1863 where later its ban in favor of bullfights contributed to the Spanish -American War; and in other lands too, of which places the World Baseball Classic informs us.
As the caps below are from different eras, the construction varies slightly. Generally, they are round, soft-crowns, 12 oz. wool flannel, with a hair canvas backing and leather sweat band. Visors have a dark green under-visor. Particulars are in the product description.