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Ball Caps of the 20th Century -
Women's baseball, historically, is only a few years younger than their boyfriends' version. As early as 1875 a gate was charged to watch the Blondes play the Brunettes in Springfield, Illinois. The Dolly Vardens were paid for their play two years before the Cincinnati Red Stockings and baseball's national anthem, Take me out to the ball game was about a young girl's love of the game. It's culmination in the All American Girl’s Professional BB League only emphasizes a harmony in two coetaneous events: watching women and baseball.
As the caps below are from different eras, the construction varies slightly. Generally, they are round, soft-crowns, 12 oz. wool flannel, with a hair canvas backing and leather sweat band. Visors have a dark green under-visor. Particulars are in the product description.