Ideal Cap Co

Who We Are
Imagining the Ideal Cap Co. store in Jersey City, 1949. The Newark Eagles get their caps here; so do the Bears because Ideal makes the best caps. Fit the best, wear the best, fade the least. The store, the flagship of the Ideal Cap Manufacturing Co., stocks a really full line of current and traditional styles, keeping alive the tradition of natural fabric baseball, gentleman's and worker's caps and especially the wool flannel, soft crown baseball cap of the first half of the 20th century. Go on, enter the store and get yourself a real cap. It's a wonderful thing, a well made ball cap. It will keep the sun off your face, or turn the cap around and it will do the same for the back of your neck. Grabbing the visor you can kill a noisome insect with a flick; it weathers the cold and damp. And the texture, something to feel and grab on to. If you want to add a logo, the cap will let them know who you like. It's a wonderful thing, a well made cap.

The Ideal Cap Company manufactures in small factories in the United States all kinds of caps. It is our purpose to put in one place as many styles as possible - too many to name here, but they are enumerated in a search box on the home page of the website. A description of each is included on the product pages of the website with photos and drawings so it will be left to those places to show the varieties we offer and their features.

An interesting digression is “What is a cap?” The standard description calls it a soft fabric, head covering with a visor. But there are many styles with no visor at all: skull caps, watch caps and berets to name a few. A better approach might be the informality of the cap as opposed to the wide brimmed hat. But it is a pointless endeavor to be too specific about these things; suffice it that The Ideal Cap Co. puts before you as many models as we can muster, sorted generally by the eight categories of the home page and specifically in various search boxes.

A word here about our relationship to the historic baseball caps of the Cooperstown Ball Cap Company which are sold here as well as our own. A few years ago as a result of the vagaries of producing custom caps, the loss of the Head-of-Sewing and various intractable trademark disputes, the traditional soft crown ball cap was withdrawn from the market. It returns here in our pages, but as an in-stock item. This means shorter delivery times, the same quality, but the drawback that one cannot custom design a specific cap at the retail level. We hope that the variety of styles offered is recompense for that loss.