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Solid Color Caps -
The origin of waxed cotton dates to a mill that wove sails for the British clipper fleet. Linseed oil waterproofed sailcloth used in seamen's clothing, particularly the fisherman's slicker. The fabric, however, turned yellow in time; hence the traditional yellow of the fisherman's slicker. In the 1930's, the process of impregnating cotton cloth with wax became the standard fabric for rainwear. Our waxed cotton caps shed water the way a farmer, motorcyclist, shooter, horseman and seaman have long appreciated.
Comes in two styles: with a standard 3 hard-visored or flexible 2 visor version. Both with, round, soft-crown in waxed cotton. Inside, is a horsehair front backing and leather sweat band. The under visor is of dark green cotton.