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The cotton baseball cap appeared simultaneously in the military and as a less expensive, cooler version of the traditional wool cap in the 1940’s. Earlier, a thick cotton flannel was sometimes used, but its weight was indistinguishable from wool. The lighter twills, ducks and canvases appear in the utility cap in WW2 and leant themselves to children’s caps at souvenir stands. In the late 20th century cotton caps dominated leisure wear becoming only vaguely associated with the sport the spawned them. Presented here: the ultimate cotton cap with leather sweat band.
A standard 1940's style, soft-crown, cotton cap comes in twill, canvas or 7 oz duck. Inside is a horsehair front backing and leather sweat band. The 3” visor is the modern length and comes with dark green cotton under visor. Adjustable cap has a buckle back.