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Ball Caps of the 20th Century -
Baseball in its heyday was a fluid and random pastime. Most towns had a strong minor league or semi-pro team to provide entertainment in an era before television. Local factories, or bars, or railroads fielded 9ís composed of amateurs with a few paid major leaguers, on the way up or down, to drive in runs and strike out yokels. Add to this the colorful richness of barnstorming and all star teams, and you have a kaleidoscope of styles, logos and forgotten names from the Cooperstown Ball Cap catalog presented herein.
As the caps below are from different eras, the construction varies slightly. Generally, they are round, soft-crowns, 12 oz. wool flannel, with a hair canvas backing and leather sweat band. Visors have a dark green under-visor. Particulars are in the product description.