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Ball Caps of the 20th Century -
Contemporaneous with baseball's popularity after the Civil War, the notion that organized games were therapeutic to the unfortunately institutionalized and the fortunately institutionalized, led reformatories and schools to play baseball. By the turn of the century, criminals in penitentiaries staged games: the Lifers vs. the Harness Shop, the Jews vs. the Whops and the Colored Smokes vs. Lifers. Ball caps from schools, prisons, madhouses and institutions for the Blind are included here. The most celebrated prisoner-baseball star, Alabama Pitts is rendered by Merkin in the circle to the upper right.
As the caps below are from different eras, the construction varies slightly. Generally, they are round, soft-crowns, 12 oz. wool flannel, with a hair canvas backing and leather sweat band. Visors have a dark green under-visor. Particulars are in the product description.