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Ball Caps of the 20th Century -
Baseball has been featured in some 250 films. Countless novels, at first focused on the struggles of young high school heroes, date to the 19th century. By the 1920ís baseball literature and film were in full swing. Almost all his life Jack Kerouac had a hobby that even close friends never knew about. He played a fantasy baseball game of his own invention, charting the exploits of made-up players like Wino Love, Warby Peppe and Phegus Cody, who toiled on imaginary teams sometimes named for cars. Kerouacís Pittsburgh Plymouths and notable other fictional mainstays appear in our collection.
As the caps below are from different eras, the construction varies slightly. Generally, they are round, soft-crowns, 12 oz. wool flannel, with a hair canvas backing and leather sweat band. Visors have a dark green under-visor. Particulars are in the product description.