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Early Baseball Caps - 19th Century Baseball - PROVIDENCE GRAYS 1884

This cap celebrates so much baseball it ought to come already worn in. Foremost, is the Gray’s 84-28 season record in 1884 and the subsequent first ever World Series title over the NY Metropolitans (that’s right the original Mets) of the American Association, whose manger at the end of the season issued a challenge to the Grays for a best of three, winner take all, $1000 prize series. That was big money back then when baseball was reported to be “a brutal, bloody sport played barehanded, the profession of uneducated, hard-drinking men who thought little of cheating outrageously or maiming an opponent to win.” Featured in an October of extreme cold at NY’s Polo Grounds was a pitcher’s duel between Tim Keefe and Old Hoss Radbourn, both 300 game career winners. Ol’ Hoss (oh, where have such nicknames gone Catfish Metkovich?) set the all-time record for wins in ’84 at 59 and pitched three complete games in the Gray’s sweep. Wonderful soft white flannel with gray trim.

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