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Early Baseball Caps - 19th Century Baseball - CINCINNATI RED STOCKINGS 1869

One surprising fact about the first truly great baseball team is that they popularized the color red, prominent in their long stockings. Founded in 1866 with recruited cricket players from the Union Club and some from the east where baseball had begun, by the year of our cap they are the first openly professional team and so good they go undefeated (65-0) on a coast to coast barnstorm against all the best teams of their time. The game is different then. Gloves are not widely used. the bat is much heavier, more variable in shape and the ball is larger and softer. the pitcher stands only 45' from home plate and pitches underhand. Congratulations are in order for a fine play, even an opponent's. And everyone is obliged to help the umpire make close calls honestly. All White Wool Cap, Red Embroidered Logos, 2" Soft Visor, Leather Sweat Band A djustables are white leather with bronze buckle.

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