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Early Baseball Caps - 19th Century Baseball - BROOKLYN EXCELSIORS 1860

Ball caps in the 19th century had many zany configurations, most of which had a short crushable visor. What in a modern cap is doing in 1860 is anyone’s guess. In 1859 the Niagaras were playing the Star Club of Brooklyn. Jim Creighton, who had been an infielder, was brought on as a substitute pitcher. Using a low swift delivery, the Star batsmen were unable to hit him. At that time pitching was underhanded with arm locked straight at the elbow and wrist. Jim developed a fastball, added some spin as well and a slower pitch called a dew-drop. By the next season with the Excelsiors of Brooklyn he became a national sensation when the team organized the first known U.S tour. His cap is celebrated by Ideal as belonging to the first pitcher to throw a shutout and as baseball’s first professional player.

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