Ideal Cap Co

Early Baseball Caps -
The modern baseball cap descends from the round crown, short cut, 6 or 8 panel Brooklyn Style Cap of the 1880's. This style, itself, descends from soft, wool jockey caps. Today, the visor has lengthened, the crown comes down farther toward the ears and an 8 panel cap is rare, but the Brooklyn Style, now with a squarer crown, has become standard for the last 50 years. Our no logo collection features a flexible 2 visor which makes the cap easily crushed into the back pocket of a uniform or the front pocket of an overcoat.
Below are 6 or 8 panel, round, soft-crown, wool flannel caps featuring a soft 2 crushable visor with a green wool underside. The crown has a horsehair front backing and leather sweat band. The construction makes it an ideal weather shield easily folded into your pocket.