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Armed Forces Caps - World War 2 Caps - AVIATOR FLIGHT SATIN 1950

At the end of WW2 jets replaced propellers in airplanes and in 1950 the leather bomber jackets pilots wore all during the war were succeeded by the sleek MA-1 made of nylon . The old jackets especially, the shearlings, were too big for modern cockpits crammed with equipment. The new one was lightweight with a slim insulation. That made the jacket more practical for year-round wear and helped shed water as pilots walked out to their planes. The all wool navy flyers cap still remained popular, but a newer version in the same gunmetal nylon began to appear. Here it is. All Gunmetal 100 percent, 5 oz., Nylon Cap with Durable Water Repellent Finish. 3 Firm Visor. Leather Sweat Band. Adjustables are Leather Strap with Bronze Buckle.

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