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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Worldwide Baseball - YOMIYURI GIANTS 1954

In 1935 Lefty O’Doul former NY Giant outfielder and champion of baseball links to Japan, renamed the ai-Nippon Tokyo Yakyu Club Club (which was visiting San Francisco at the time and where O’Doul was the manager) the Tokyo Giants. They are the oldest Japanese professional team. In 1954, the Yomiyuri Media Group (this is the corporate name which sometimes replaces the city in Japanese team titles), introduced the interlocking YG cap that has become a classic. The Giants have a rich history: bowing as a group to the crowd before a game incorporating a football-like huddle before each inning, and even honoring to the umpire after being thrown out at base. Not to mention, Tetsuji Kawakami "The God of Batting" and Sadaharu Oh, with his Zen and the Art of the Flamingo Stance. Black Wool Cap, 3” Firm Visor, Orange stitched Logo and Button.

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