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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Worldwide Baseball - XALAPA CHILEROS 1952

The Chileros began in 1952 in the Veracrruz, Mexican Winter Leagues playing such picturesque teams as the Parakeets and Coffee Growers. Martin Dihigo (the Immortal and El Maestro) became manager in 1956. Perhaps the greatest all around ever, he is the only player to be elected in to the Cuban, Mexican, and United States Baseball Halls of Fames, throwing no-hitters in Mexican, Venezuela and Puerto Rico Leagues and amassing 500 home runs in Latin America and the Negro Leagues. With the swell of interest in black baseball in the 1990s his photo in the Xalapa X cap was mistaken for the Cuban X Giants. The C cap was popularized by Spike Lees association of it with Malcolm X. We present the black wool version here to honor all of these characters and skater boys who have adopted it. Black Wool Crown, 3 Firm Visor, White with black outline stitched Logo.

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