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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Worldwide Baseball - SANTURCE CRABBERS 1952

The Cangrejeros de Santurce, founded in 1930 by an executive in Shell Oil's branch in Puerto Rico, were based in the largest barrio of San Juan, and over the years, until their recent diaspora, were one of the most successful franchises in Latin America winning twelve national titles and five Caribbean Series. The Crabbers joined the Puerto Rican League in 1939, but it didnít start out well. They were called a "soft ball team" by the media throughout their early years. But in 1941 Josh Gibson joined the team, hitting .480 to win the MVP award and in their glory days, starting in 1952, the year of our cap, Roberto Clemente signed on; and after Willie Mays and Orlando Cepeda reinforced the locals to a string of titles through the early 1970ís. All Navy Wool Cap, 3Ē Firm Visor, White stitched Logo. Adjustables are Leather Strap with Bronze Buckle.

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