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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Worldwide Baseball - PORT AU PRINCE SKULLS 1935

You're not going to find it in a record book. Evidence of this lost league is apocryphal. Before the winter season of 1934-35 a group of wealthy agrarians and industrialists, met at Alex Morales' Tampico ranch to form the outlaw Trans-Caribbean Baseball League. It would endure, by design, only one season filling rosters by raiding established teams. Most players adopted assumed names to avoid censure. The Skulls were most colorful group of the lot and it was accepted belief that the hypnotic pulse of the Port au Prince loyalists added two or three runs per game to an otherwise sub par team. During rallies, players tore off the removable P.P. patch on their caps to reveal a skull beneath it as their fans chanted somnambulist spells. Red Wool Crown, Black 3” Firm Visor, Black Red Black Braid, Black on White Felt Appliqué Logo.

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