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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Women’s Teams - RAYBESTOS BRAKETTES 1948

Fast pitch softball became a very popular in the US during the '30s and 40's. Commercial and semi-pro leagues sprang up all over the country. Today it endures in women's athletic, but it wasn't until 1928 that it was called softball. Before that it was alternately indoor baseball, kitten baseball, diamond ball, mush ball, and pumpkin ball. The Raybestos Girl All-Stars, formed in 1947 and became the Brakettes in '48, the year of our cap; but it wasn't until the late 50's when Bertha Ragan came east and 15-year-old Waterbury phenom Joan Joyce was discovered that they became the great dynasty of women's softball, the28 time Women's Fastpitch National Champions. They've accumulated 4,099 games played, 3,712 victories, 3 World Championships, 28 National A.S.A. Championships, 22 National Hall of Fame members, and 12 Olympians.

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