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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Women’s Teams - CALIFORNIA CUTIES 1958

My old pal, Richard Merkin, the artist, baseball aficionado and one of the 20 best dressed men living or dead, was asked what his favorite things were. “Women dogs and baseball - but not necessarily in that order” “Nothing else?” “Well, perhaps the way women interact with baseball.” The All American Girls BB League proved that and the California Cuties continued the glamour with skillful players in outlandish costumes. Founded in 1947 by Trino Palacios, playing as Liza Jane, they won 1304 of 1481 games over 18 years, began touring the US in 1954 and the orient in1961. Navy and Red Wool Flannel, 3” Firm Visor, White Braid, Stitched Logo.

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