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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Women’s Teams - ALL STAR RANGER GIRLS 1934

September’s cap celebrates two women, Margaret Gisolo, so good she got girls banned from American Legion Baseball and Maude Nelson, pitcher, manager, scout and owner of the All Star Ranger Girls. At age 13 national newspapers gave shortstop Margaret the moniker the “girl Babe Ruth” when she propelled the Blanford Cubs, to the Indiana state championship in 1928 thus prompting an embargo of female players until 1970. She is reported to have hit .312 and fielded .989 for her career. Maude was involved in almost all the Bloomer Girls barnstorming baseball teams of the 1910’s & 20’s. Teams were usually comprised of seven women and two men as were the Ranger Girls who played wide range of teams like the Whitehouse Royal Blues, Booneville Boosters, the Hungarians, and White Flash Nine. All Navy Wool Cap, 3” Firm Visor, White, Spruce and Red All Felt Logo.

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