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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Semi-Pro Teams - WORLD TOUR 1922

In 1922 Major League Baseball sent a team of all-stars to tour Japan. It was the brainchild of Commissioner Ban Johnson: “Perhaps someday we will have the Champions of America meeting the winners of the Japanese series in a real world’s series.” The Americans defeated every college, industrial and amateur team the country had to offer – except one. When they lost 9 to 3 to the amateur Mita Club, America's reputation for sportsmanship suffered. Anticipating an increased gate rlater they threw the game. Waite Hoyt said they were just “foolin’ around” and meant no disrespect to the Japanese. Nonetheless, the damage was done. Gray Wool Crown and 3” Visor, Navy Eyelets and Button, Navy Felt logo.

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