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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Semi-Pro Teams - WACO DONS 1942

During the World War II years of 1941-1945, the powerful Waco Army Air Field team may have been the best semi-pro club in the country. In 1942 they surely had the handsomest uniforms. It is the only cap we know of with white logo on gray. The Dons were sprinkled with many major leaguers in the service at the time and played at historic Katy Park. The field was designed and built in three months in 1904 by the famous Henry Fabian. He was 14-year-old runaway who spent nearly 60 years in professional baseball as player, manager, owner, innovator and groundskeeper at which profession he is considered “one of the great masters of his craft”. In ‘04 he became part owner of the Dons.” I guess I was everything on that club except manager – owner, secretary, groundskeeper, ticket taker and suddenly I found I was flat broke”. He was old enough to have played with John McGraw in 1890, create the raised pitcher’s mound; and young enough in 1939 to turn his art to the construction of the gem that is Doubleday Field in Cooperstown.

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