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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Semi-Pro Teams - KOOL KOOLS 1950

Most semi-pro teams are company sponsored. They take on a few ringers now and then and give jobs to some pretty good players, in this case at Brown & Williamson Tobacco. Kools were the first menthol to go nationwide and enormously popular Willie the Penguin won out as mascot from seals and walruses appearing first in the 1940’s. By the 50’s jingles like Lady be Kool and “Even if you cough like crazy, KOOLS still taste fresh as a daisy." vied with a comic book Willie getting the kiddies ready for an adult life where cartons of cigarettes were sent to V.A. hospitals for every NY Giants home run. White Wool Flannel Crown, Mint Green 3” Stiff Visor, Leather Sweat Band, Adjustables are Leather with Bronze Buckle.

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