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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Semi-Pro Teams - GREAT NORTHERN RAILROAD 1941

The Great Northern spanned an enormous stretch of 1700 miles between St. Paul and Seattle. In each state their teams squared off against other railroads, but often they played the great semi-pro teams of that vast region as well. In Washington it was the Japanese immigrant teams Wapato Nippon and Seattle Mikado. In Montana, Scobey’s Touring Pros. Farther east in Minnesota they faced the Benton Harbor Speed Boys and the ubiquitous House of David often on fields bounded by the GNRR’s tracks. Our cap celebrates hard-nosed Hank Bauer who played briefly with the GNRR and oddly, in the worst deal in BB history, was traded for Roger Maris who also moonlighted for them. Gray Round Crown and 3” Visor, 2 Layer Felt Logo.

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