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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Semi-Pro Teams - EAT RAISIN PIE TEAM 1929

The Eat Raisin Pie Company team was a sandlot and semi-pro team of the late 1920’s sponsored by an obscure confectionary company about which little is known. Eat Raisin Pie featured a filling of raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar and vinegar and came in a cellophane wrapper with a logo matching this cap. It was a pioneer commercial snack food, available because in 1924 DuPont built the first cellophane manufacturing plant in the US. The confection, dating to the 18th century was often called funeral pie because of it was traditional to bring one to wakes, and not because a scientist in 1904 found sixty million germs in one. Gray Wool Body, Red Firm Medium Visor, Red on Gold Felt Appliqué Logo. Adjustables are Leather Strap with Bronze Buckle.

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