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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Semi-Pro Teams - CITY CLUB 1949

From the beginning of organized baseball semi-pro teams formed a kind of horizontal juxtaposition to the class AAA- D structure. At times teams like the Logan Squares, “One of more than 2000 amateur teams representing young Americans who believe in clean living were so talented they could defeat the White Sox and Cubs, both fresh from the 1906 World Series. While not quite up to that standard, the City Club team from Schmidt’s Brewery in St. Paul (at that time the 7th largest in the country) moonlighted the best pros from the Twin Cities. The fan favorite was one Hot Tub Blubber, a large lumbering catcher who was the ultimate beer player and probably the only one ever to hear,” Yerrrrrr Out!” on a fair ball hit over the fence. An umpire impatient for a date and frustrated at the half of the 20th century he took rounding the bases, tossed in his mask, called him the last out, and walked off the field. It was no small advantage to City Club how much of home plate two hundred seventy pound of Hot Tub’s home cooking could cover. Navy Wool cap with White Cotton Flannel front, Red Embroidered Logo, Leather Sweat Band.

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