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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - SYRACUSE CHIEFS 1982

There isn't a more common graphic in all of sport than the Native American, either as chief, brave, Indian, redskin, warrior or Blackhawk. There's even a Swedish hockey team called the Frölunda Indians. This month's cap is the finely stitched, alternate front color cap of the 1982 Syracuse Chiefs. It is one of the many sports logos using war bonnet designs, headdresses of great spiritual and political importance to be worn only by those who have earned the right and honor to do so. Not sure the Chiefs earned that honor ‘82. They were established in 1934, when the Jersey City Skeeters moved to Syracuse, have played in the International League ever since, with only a 5 year hiatus in the late 1950’s and won eight championships. Our cap is from their glory years at MacArthur Stadium as Toronto's farm team. All wool white and navy cap, Embroidered Logo, Leather Sweat Band.

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