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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - SELMA CLOVERLEAFS 1957

Moose Stubbing was a Bronx boy, good natured, but with a tough neighborhood mouth he never lost. He made all the El Paso papers when he died. It was a big deal. Moose had moved there, played there, managed there, refereed NCAA basketball there. At 19, his first full season was at Selma in ’57, the only player but one on that last place squad to make the show. In 1967 the left handed slugging first baseman went 0 for 5 for the Angels as a pinch hitter with 4 strikeouts. After managing in their farm system and coaching for them, finally in 1988, “Moooooose” as they called him, was named interim manager of the Angels. He lost all 8 games. That earned him the nickname Double Zero, the only player to ever to go hitless as a player and winless as a manager. We honor his rich career of more than a half-century in baseball. All Wool Cap, Royal Crown, Kelly Visor and Trim, Felt and Stitched Logo, Leather Sweat Band.

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