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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - PORTLAND DUCKS 1929

In 1929 the Portland Beavers became the Ducks, for one season.. The name change didn't change the team's record much but Indian Bob Johnson coming up from Wichita where he had hit 16 homers in 3 weeks did. In 1932 he hit .330 for PCL winning Portland, with 29 home runs, and was an all-star. He and brother Ray began on the sandlots of L.A, and when Ray got $75 k from the Tigers it made headlines and Bob realized there might be more for him than a firefighting job. It was the beginning of a Hall of Fame career that never ended there. He never had one of those super seasons, just kept plodding along hitting .300, a seven time all-star with a couple dozen homers and a hundred RBIs every year like a guy punching a time clock. After hitting .306 and .313 in 1937 and 1938 with the As, the 1/4 Cherokee banged out .338 in 1939 (third in the AL behind DiMaggio and Jimmy Foxx)and was also third in the AL with 114 RBI. In his last season with the As, he broke Foxxs team record of 975 career runs and held it until Rickey Henderson topped it in 1993. Ted Williams once spoke of his accomplishment with the Philadelphia Athletics: "Bob drove in over one hundred runs all the time with that rag-tag outfit. There weren't that many runners on base when he came to the plate in those years, let alone guys in scoring position.

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