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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - OAKLAND OAKS 1939

The Oaks were founded with the rest of the PCL in 1903 and lasted until 1955. Today only a gambling joint called the Oaks Club survives to remind us of where they used to play. In the late 1940’s Casey Stengel and Charlie Dressen managed the Oaks out of their frequent doldrums in the second division, but soon after declining attendance at rundown Oaks Park and the Giants move to San Francisco sent the Oaks to oblivion. Our 1939 cap commemorates Smead Jolly’s year there, a huge easy-going Minor League Hall of Famer, one of the greatest hitters ever to play baseball and one of the worst outfielders. In only 4 seasons of outfield play in the majors, he managed to make 44 errors. After missing a fly says he, “‘There’s a bad sky today. Not an angel in the clouds.” Red Wool Crown, Red Firm 3” Visor, Spruce Wool Felt Logo.

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