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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - LOUISVILLE COLONELS 1946

Ainít often we talk about color. But red caps are different. Apart from the Cardinals who wore one off and on until the mid 20ís, teams pretty much stuck to navy blue which often turned royal in the sun. Navy was everywhere in the Depression and during the war years. Is it the exuberance of the post war that gave rise to the Colonels red cap four years before the Phillies reached for the chapeau de flame as the Whiz Kids? Fritz Dorish and Joe Ostrowski where no whizzes for the Colonels, but they won a Junior World Series in 1944 before crowds that dwarfed the real World Series. In 1946 the Colonels faced the Montreal Royals and Jackie Robinson in the JWS again. Sadly, Jackie recalled Louisville as having the most hostile crowds. No matter he was MVP and next year former Colonel, Pee Wee, would make his life a bit easier. All Red Wool Crown and 3Ē Firm Visor, White Felt Logo, Leather Sweat Band.

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