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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - LOS ANGELES LOOLOOS 1914

More consistently known as the Angels, the Pacific Coast League Looloos is a combination of Los Angles and lulu (a remarkable person or thing) or in this case baseball club. Lulu has uncertain origin but is likely a reference to Lulu Hurst the "Georgia Wonder," a popular attraction of the 1880’s whose mysterious force allowed her to effortlessly move umbrellas held by spectators. At 15 she was briefly one of the most famous women in the U.S. And not to be out-lulued, the 1912 Looloos boasted to only dead man to win a batting title, one Heinie Heitmuller. On September 27, he went 6-for-6 and almost caught the batting leader, Tom Daley, but instead caught typhoid fever. Heitmuller died. He trailed Daley .338 to .335 at that time but when Daley’s prowess waned, he had enough at-bats to win the batting title even though he never took another swing.

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