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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - JERSEY CITY GIANTS 1947

Royal blue as a cap color has an interesting origin. Researching historic caps at the Hall of Fame, there were a number of them. But in woolen athletic flannel catalogs the color royal was absent. Turns out the royal caps started out as navy. When daytime baseball flourished they all got bleached by the sun. This month’s cap is the first one that started out royal. 1947 was one of two pennants this perpetually mediocre team won. It was loaded with coffee cup major leaguers and young Don Mueller. Jersey City had ambitious beginnings in brand new Roosevelt Stadium with its steel and concrete grandstand and circular and 20-foot-high yellow brick wall. Mayor Frank Hague somehow got it built by the WPA. He vowed, no baseball team, major or minor, would outdraw JC on opening day. He kept that promise and packed the place in the way only an old time political boss could, but eventually, when New York’s teams began mass radio and television broadcasts, attendance fell and the JC Giants were off to Ottawa. All Royal Wool, Red Eyelets and Button. Felt Logo, Leather Sweat Band.

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