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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - INDIANAPOLIS HOOSIERS 1914

One team record that will never be beaten is finishing first every season you play. OK, it was in the Federal League, the third major league, but there it is nonetheless. Pictured left is Benny Kauff, the “Ty Cobb of the Feds” in the road version of their cap. Kauff led the league in batting average at 370 which is still the rookie record for league-leading batting average. He also stole 75 bases. But as though to balance that feat off, later in1916 he earned the honor of being the only player in the 20th century to be picked off first base three times in one game. It really was a Major.The federal League was filled with talent raided from the American and National Leagues, new ballparks were constructed and they even considered the designated hitter. Sparked by Benny and Cy Falkenberg’s 25 wins the Hoofeds finished off the season with seven straight wins to claim their one and only title. The following year they were moved to Newark, leaving Indianapolis these many years waiting for major league baseball. White Wool Cap, Embroidered Logo

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