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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - HOLLYWOOD STARS 1929

The Stars had two incarnations, the first in 1926, and our cap celebrates their first pennant in 1929. Playing at Gilmour field, home of the LA Angels, they were an awkward step child, and when the Angels doubled their rent in 1935, the first Stars moved on to be replaced by a more glamorous and successful version in 1938. Bob Cobb, a new owner (of the Brown Derby as well) , realized the team needed to represent Hollywood in order to succeed. Stock was sold to movie stars, moguls, and civic leaders among them, Gene Autry, Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. Jayne Mansfield was named Miss Hollywood Star and Elizabeth Taylor was a batgirl in her teens. Gray Wool Body, Navy Flexible 2 Visor, 3 Layer Felt Logo.

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