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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - EAU CLAIRE BEARS 1952

This cap is part of a series of marking the first stop in organized ball of the greats. The Eau Claire Bears were class C affiliates of the Boston Braves in 1952 when Hank Aaron signed on. The Giants also wanted Aaron but Boston offered a $100 more so only a pittance kept Aaron and Willie Mays apart. He played shortstop for $350 per month, a big jump from the 75cents he got as a 17 year-old from the Mobile Black Bears and the $10 the Indianapolis Clowns gave him in the Negro Leagues. He was the Northern League's Rookie of the Year and played in the All-Star Game. Today his statue sits in front of Carson Park, a lovely old ball field on a 134 acre peninsula created by an oxbow lake. Black Wool Cap, 3 Firm Red Visor, Red Embroidery on White Felt , Leather Sweat Band.

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