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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - DALLAS EAGLES 1952

If you search Dallas Eagles you mostly get Cowboys-Eagles. Forgotten are the glory days of the Texas League champion Eagles and big oil owner, 'Rampant' Richard Burnett who bought the failing Dallas Rebels in 1948 and renamed them. He put the team on the map. Although he called himself " a real minor leaguer" his eventual aim was to put a MLB team in Dallas. Always the showman, in '52 he broke the opening day Texas League attendance mark of 16,000 by packing 53,000 in the Cotton Bowl while at the same time integrating the Texas League. The '52 Eagles also featured the young Don Mossi) a pleasant man, decent and able to laugh at himself who nonetheless graces what are considered to be some of the ugliest baseball cards ever. All Navy Wool Cap, 3 Firm Visor, White Embroidered Logo, Cotton Sweat Band, Adjustables are blackleather with bronze buckle.

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