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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - BUFFALO BLUES 1915

The Blues (Bufeds), a mediocre team of 1914-15 in the Federal League, have three wonderful anomalies to boast: that they are the last major league team to play in Buffalo, that they are the first one to wear a uniform with script lettering across the front and that they had the only major-leaguer (Ed Porray) without birthplace, listed as born "on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The team played at International Fair Association Grounds where due to delays in construction of their ballpark, the team did not play their first home game until a month after the Federal League season had started. Buffalo sold shares of stock of the team to the public through a series of newspaper ads. The preferred shares sold for $10 each." Navy Wool Body, Navy Firm 2 1/2” Visor, Navy on White Felt Appliqué Logo.

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