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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Old Leagues - ANAHEIM ACES 1941

The Aces played just the one year in the California League before it folded when all the young men went off to war. Left handed pitcher, Bert Shepard, got into three games before enlisting only to get gunned down east of Hamburg as a P-38 fighter pilot. His life was saved by a German doctor, and a Canadian prisoner made a prosthesis for him. By 1945 he was in the bigs, hired as pitching coach for the Senators. Late that season he became the first player with an artificial leg to pitch in the majors making headlines for 5 Ĺ innings of one run relief. We celebrate Bertís key roll on the National Amps, baseball teams of GIís with amputations, his two the U.S. amputee golf championships, minor league manager stints and Distinguished Flying Cross. Black Wool Crown, Red 3" Visor, Felt and Embroidered Logo , Adjustables are blackleather with bronze buckle.

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