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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Negro Leagues - PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS 1933

Popularly known as the Craws, and named after the Crawford Grill, a club owned by racketeer, Gus Greenlee, where the legends of jazz played when in Pittsburgh, the Crawfords were originally formed as a youth semipro team of the Crawford Bath House. Greenlee bought the team in 1931 and stocked it with great players of the recently disbanded Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues: Oscar Charleston, Josh Gibson, Judy Johnson, Cool Papa Bell, William Bell, Rap Dixon, and Ted Radcliffe to name a few. What a team! In 1933, the year of our cap, Greenlee, as president of the new National League, proclaimed the Crawfords champion not withstanding a tie in the standings with the Chicago American Giants. All Black Wool Cap, 2 1/2 Firm Visor, White Felt Letter.

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