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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Negro Leagues - PITTSBURGH CRAWFORDS 1928

In 1928 the Crawfords were a sand lot team, although so talented that they had to play adults for competition. After Teensie Harris quit managing to join his brother Woogie in the numbers racket, the team recruited players from the Edgar Thomsons. And from the Gimbels Store team they got Josh Gibson. Our cap celebrates the beginning of his legendary craft apocryphally purported to have included: 800 homers and a .359 average in his 17-year career, more home runs into Griffith Stadium's left field bleachers than the entire American League, and In the last of the ninth at Pittsburgh, facing Washington, down a run with two outs, hitting one deep, so far in fact that it disappears from sight to win the game; and the next day in Washington, just as the same teams have taken the field, a ball falls from the sky into a Washington fielder’s glove. The umpire yells to Gibson, "You're out! In Pittsburgh, yesterday!" All Maroon Wool Cap, 2.5” 30’s Firm Visor, White Felt Letter.

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