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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Negro Leagues - PHILADELPIA STARS 1938

The ’38 Stars were mediocre - except for the cap they wore (a Negro League Classic) and their 3rd baseman, HOF manager, Jud Wilson. Been great to have a colored photo of Boojum, they called him that because the sound his hits made bouncing off outfield walls, but in those days it was all black and white. As a child I remember the saying, “house angel, street devil.” That was Jud , sweet on the street but between the chalk watch out: a nasty reputation for arguing almost every call, wrongfully accused of hitting an umpire, it took three policemen to subdue him with nightsticks and haul him to jail. At third he was OK, wide shouldered and bowl-legged and using his chest to stop hard-hit balls. But at the plate, the hardest hitter in Negro baseball. Batting left-handed, “hit  Lefty Grove like Grove came off the sandlots,” a career batting average of .351 in the Negro leagues, above .370 in winter leagues, .353 barnstorming against MLB pitchers, .300 in 16 seasons and over .400 four times. At the age of 49, Boojum hit two triples in one game, and hit .288 at 51 years of age. Our cap’s off to you Jud Wilson.

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