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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Negro Leagues - DETROIT STARS 1930

Baseball gains a bunch of soul from its nicknames. All the players have them. There are lots of Bucks, Bulls, Buddys, Leftys and Louies. But to get into the Baseball Nickname HOF more is required. The Splendid Splinter, Sultan of Swat take a swing at alliteration, but to make that work you need something like Catfish Metkovich, Henry Heine Miene or Johnny Hippity Hopp. And then there are the flat out beauts like Hank “Bow Wow” Arft, Doug “Eye Chart” Gwodst and Ugly John Dickshot. But for just plain huh? I’m standing by the utility infielder of the Detroit Stars, Dip Orange. Huh? By 1930 the Stars who had been good but not great made the playoffs and opened Hamtramck Park, one of the few Negro League stadiums still standing. Orange, a medical school graduate continued his pedestrian numbers for Detroit in 1931, but that was it. The Stars who had been a founding team of Negro National League folded along with the league and Dip Orange exchanged his competent glove for stethoscope.

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