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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Negro Leagues - BIRMINGHAM BLACK BARONS 1948

Formed from as an Industrial League team, the Black Barons entered the Negro Southern League in 1920 for its first season. In the mid 1920s they joined and the left the Negro National League and It was not until Satchel Paige, led them to the second half NNL pennant in 1927 that they made any noise.. By 1940 they were in Negro American League and became powerhouse there after being sold to Abe Saperstein, the owner of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team, winning pennants in 1943, 1944 and 1948, the year of this cap when a teenage Willie Mays played the first of his 3 seasons with the team. Black and Red Wool Flannel, 3 Firm Visor, 3 Small Bs Felt Logo.

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