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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Fictional Caps - WESTISH HARPOONERS 2000

In Chad Harbaugh’s The Art of Fielding, Henry Skrimshander is a raw boned shortstop with a glove named Zero and playing for the Westish College Harpooners. The school has a peculiar attachment to Herman Melville. While the plot follows the ups and downs of a young man’s immersion into the human condition, it is the passages that reflect the spirituality of baseball, recalling Sadaharu Oh’s A Zen Way of Baseball, that endure. They come from Henry’s idol Aparicio Rodriguez, the greatest fielding shortstop: “The glove is not an object in the usual sense. For the infielder to divide it from himself is one of the roots of error.” And, “Death is the sanction of all that the athlete does.” All Navy Cap, 3" Visor, Natural Embroidered Logo.

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