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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Fictional Caps - ST. LOUIS 1949
ST. LOUIS 1949

The unusual STL design is from the 1949 movie It Happens Every Spring with Ray Milland as a neophyte chemist who stumbles upon an elixir causing objects, in this case a baseball, to avoid wood (in this case a bat) in what can only be described as a catawampus dipsy-doodle. While all 8 cities of the National League were depicted, no team-names were used and the uniforms bore no resemblance to them. There are lovely scenes of old Wrigley Field in Los Angeles and a post-war portrayal of working-class baseball players soon to be lost in the glamorous glitter of professional sports. All Navy 12 oz. Round Wool Crown, Button and Eyelets; 3 Visor: Leather Sweat Band.

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