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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Fictional Caps - NEW MEXICO SUNS 1950

An upcoming novel The Selfish Adventures of Bouffante Bigglerville contains the following: A couple of years ago two barnstorming teams came through here and played a doubleheader at the old ballpark. The first game was the Infinite Baseball Game. It's been played since 1923. 20,695 innings, same teams. Obviously, players have been substituted over the years and the game needs to be tied at the end of each inning for it to continue. The pitcher for the New Mexico Suns, a player named Wigwam Wilson taught me the Bamboozle ball. What a bunch of crazy, crazy nicknames they had: Bad News Eastercake, Little Vanilla, Sal Monella, Hot Tub Blubber and their manager was Sy Kosis. . Columbia Blue 12 oz. Round Wool Crown, Gold Button and Eyelets; 3 Visor, Leather Sweat Band, Gold and Red Embroidery.

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