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Ball Caps of the 20th Century - Fictional Caps - LITTLE SLUGGER 1950

Itís a little obscure where those tiny cotton caps with the short visor, familiar logo and the contrasting vent holes and button came from. Some say they are an offshoot of the colorful Louisville Slugger little league bats from the late 1940ís and early 50ís sporting famous player portraits on their barrels. Nevertheless, the endearing images of a lost-in-the-woods kid expectantly at the plate persist to this day right along with the never-ending hope that the tyke will grow up to put meat on the table and the ball over the fence in the bottom of the ninth. All Navy 12 oz. Round Wool Crown, Red Button and Eyelets; 3Ē Visor, Leather Sweat Band Navy and Red Embroidery on White Felt Logo.

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