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Solid Color Caps -
The origin of the metal eyelet or grommet in a baseball cap originates in their ability to be applied with less costly machinery. The holes in caps provide ventilation and the fabric around them needs finishing to prevent fraying. The traditional way to do this was by hand, but in 1881 John Reece exhibited the Model J eyelet machine at the Chicago World’s Fair mechanizing the process with a floating needle and which spun the cap while stitching the hole. The machine was and still is expensive. To mass produce a more economical cap a metal grommet is stamped around the hole. In the 1940’s the metal eyelet was widely used in cotton military baseball style caps and souvenir caps.
All caps in this section have a round, soft-crown, of 100 percent cotton. Inside is a hair canvas front backing and leather sweat band. The 3” visor is firm and has a dark green cotton underside. The adjustables are leather with a bronze buckle.